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Law Enforcement Officers are exposed to high amounts of daily stressors in the line of duty. As a result, according to law enforcement statistics by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), officers report higher rates of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and suicide than the general population. Stress can also have tremendous effects on physical and mental health, family dynamics, and occupational efficacy. We Create the Peace is on a National Mission to provide sustainable mindfulness and wellness resources, and educational programs that support the holistic well-being of Law Enforcement Officers. Resources and programs focus on the needs of officers as individuals and provide essential complements to Law Enforcement Training and Continued Education. We fund and cultivate officer wellness, department wellness, and community wellness. 


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The Police Enlightenment and Collective Education Training Program is composed of mindfulness workshops, exercise classes, and wellness resources available in select Police Department stations. The program serves as an opportunity for team building, stress management, psychological and emotional awareness, and improved physical health and agility. The program is designed specifically for Active Duty Officers by incorporating the following educational components:

  • Movement: a fluid series of beginner and modified intermediate level postures to offer officers an opportunity to execute and grow in their practice. Movement benefits include; endorphin release (mood booster), improved cognitive performance (better focus, attention, processing, learning, and memory), and physical improvement (respiratory, circulatory, strength, weight, mobility, and immunity). 

  • Sustainable breath regulation and control, encourages mind-body-breath connection. Research supports evidence of reduced PTSD symptoms, stabilized blood pressure, decreased depression and anxiety, and stimulated parasympathetic nervous system. Breathwork techniques are directly applicable to high-stress experiences and interactions to sustain physical, mental, and emotional health. 

  • Meditation and sound therapy offer physiological, energetic, and psychological benefits. In addition to the same stress relief and mental benefits of movement, meditation also supports better sleep productivity and perception expansion.

  • Sound reverberation is used to induce deep states of relaxation and mental recovery, as well as complement the body’s healing process for several ailments including cancers. 

  • Mindful techniques support officers in learning practical tools to integrate their personal practices with their on-duty experiences. These tools are derived from ancient and modern philosophies, scientifically accredited and peer-reviewed techniques for stress management and mental health. 

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 We appreciate our sponsors, donors, and supporters who contribute to the growth and development of our mission. All contributions are utilized with the intention to improve the lives of Law Enforcement Officers, who are a necessary component to the functionality of our society. We hope to create a healthy future for all. 


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Change starts from within, we ask that you cultivate peace and mindfulness in your own life, and collaborate with us as we reimagine a healthier society.

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Police Officer P.E.A.C.E Program Testimonials

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The mindfulness and yoga  program has been instrumental in helping me on my journey to mental and emotional wellness. I hadn’t realized how much I needed this component for my overall well-being until now. The journal prompts have been eye opening and inspiring. The yoga practice seemed perfectly tailored to the varying levels of skill within the class and the sound meditation was something that I had never experienced before and found to be the most amazing way to simply ‘let go’ and just ‘be present’. This has been the highlight of my week. An escape from the stress and pressures at work. I truly appreciate your time and energy. You have been amazing!"

-Sgt. Alaina Nickerson),

The stress involved with law enforcement is such that multiple approaches are needed to reduce this load. Yoga is an activity that I believe will help with this. Stretching makes for a stronger body and a stronger body can better cope with stress.

Breathing and meditation help with the mental aspect of stress. Stress is both physical and mental so it makes sense that an activity such as yoga is utilized to reduce stress. Sound therapy also I think helps with both physical and mental stress.

I hope that we find a way to make yoga part of law enforcement training. The times we live in call for this."

Officer Eugenio Gonzalez, HPD

We appreciate the program so much.

This experience is so much more than a yoga class. It’s practicing intense relaxation techniques, using sounds, senses, the body, and the mind to fully experience a state of relaxation. It’s also about journaling about different situations and how we might do things differently. It’s about focusing on a “Tool of the Week” to better ourselves, being intentional about how we address things in the week ahead.

The concepts Jaz teaches in her classes have been instrumental in helping me better deal with areas of anxiety and address situations in a way that’s healthy for me and not burdensome. In the field of law enforcement, we often find ourselves focusing on solving other people’s problems, rather than focusing on ourselves and what might be affecting our own lives. This class has allowed us to take care of ourselves, so we can better take care of others."

Sgt. Emily Kunkel,

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